Thursday, October 20, 2011

31 Day Nail Art Challenge: Day 1 - Red Nails

So here I am with my red nails. I had a lot of fun doing these. They are inspired by Pokemon.

So why is Pokemon a part of my life? Because I love Pokemon. I am so involved in the Pokemon community with my own league, my professor status, and my tournament organizer status. I play both video game and trading card game. I'm a bit obsessed.

Okay now for the tutorial. Prefer video form?
 Prefer Tumblr?

First I painted all my nails white.

Next I painted the top half of each of my nails red. If you prefer to do the bottom half then that could work too.

After that I took my striping brush and divided the red and white with black paint.

Then I took my dotting tool (I don’t have a dotting tool so I used a flat end of a toothpick) and made a large black dot in the center of my nails.

For the last step I put a littler white dot in the middle of the black dot, let it dry, and top coated it.

The polishes I used were…
Alpine Snow - O.P.I
Monsooner Or Later - O.P.I
Black Onyx - O.P.I

And here are all the materials I used.
 And now here's the finished product.

And so there you have it. Pokeball nails. I would like to try different types of pokeballs someday. Expect a tutorial.

What do I have in store for tomorrow? Orange nails….

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