Friday, October 28, 2011

31 Day Nail Art Challenge: Day 9 - Rainbow Nails

Today I have a design that I loved so much by jihyeleeart at that I had to recreate it. It's My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic's Rainbow Dash's tail and cutie mark. I thought it was perfect for rainbow day. What do you think of my copycat version?

I'm definitely a pegasistah! I watch this show all the time. My favorite pony would have to be Rarity, all because we are both into fashion. I will definitely be doing more My Little Pony designs later on.

Here comes the tutorial! I choose you youtube video forme! LINK COMING SOON

Tumblr blog forme use Tail Whip!

First I painted my nails with a light blue. The light blue I had was too dark so I frankened it by adding a little white.

Second I made an outline in blue of the tail shape and cutie mark like so.

Next I took out my purple and made a little wisp at the top.

Then I made a blue wisp below the purple.

After that I did a green wisp.

A yellow one….

An orange one…. My orange was too sheer so to make it opaque I extended the yellow to where I wanted the orange to go and just painted over it.

And finally the red wisp. But I'm not done yet…

I filled in the cloud with white.

Made a yellow lightning bolt next to the blue one.

And a red lightning bolt next to the yellow one.

Finally finished with the cloud accent in blue, top coated, and finished!

Here's my long list of paints I used…

Blue Collar by Orly
Blu Blaze by Nina Ultra Pro
Punki Purple by Nina Ultra Pro
Starboard by China Glaze
Lemon Fizz by China Glaze
Sun Worshiper by China Glaze
Monsooner Or Later by O.P.I
Alpine Snow by O.P.I

Here the all are.

And here is my design from afar.

Oh boy that was tedious. But it's over. Major props to jihyeleeart for this design. She hand paints tons to sell on My gosh! I don't know how she does it!

Tomorrow is gradient! This should be easy….

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