Monday, October 24, 2011

31 Day Nail Art Challenge: Day 5 - Blue Nails

Today I bring you Adventure Time with Finn and Jake! This look I created myself was inspired by the intro of the show. Take a gander!

Note: No snails were harmed for these pics. I named him Cesar, then put him back where I found him.

Cute right? Well I constantly watch that show and am in the process of making a BMO costume for an Adventure Time costume party I was invited to on the 30th. When I mean "in the process of" I mean I just have a box. There's a lot of work ahead of me so I am starting tomorrow and taking it slow so I don't rush and make a bad costume.

Enough of that. Here comes the tutorial. If you prefer to watch my process shot for shot then brace yourself. Here's the link 

If you prefer Tumblr then this is the link for you

First I painted my nails with a blue 3D effect nail polish. (The 3D polish is not required).


I painted a white base outline.

Made a peach circle in the middle.

Made 2 black lines for eyes.

Made a small dark red (blended red and black together) circle for the mouth.

Made a pink tongue inside the mouth.

Made little white teeth, top coated and took a deep exhausting breath.

On my other fingers I wrote FINN THE HUM AN in black. (messed up on the human part. The intro goes HU MAN instead).


I made a dark yellow base outline. (He turned out a bit too dark).

Made big white eyes with my dotting tool.

Made half-moons around his eyes with black.

Outlined him in black so you can see his ears clearly. 

Made his jowl and his little bitty nose. Top coated and done.

On my fingers I wrote JAKE THE DOG in black. Top coated the wrest of my nails and Let 'em dry.

The colors I used were

14 Spectrum by Sally Hansen Hi-Definition Nail Color
White acrylic paint by Daler -Rowney
Cream acrylic paint by Daler -Rowney
Black acrylic paint by Daler -Rowney
Crimson acrylic paint by Daler -Rowney
Portrait Pink acrylic paint by Daler -Rowney
Deep Yellow acrylic paint by Daler -Rowney

Here's a pic of what I used.

Now my nails from afar.

Hope you like them as much as I do. I'm really proud of them. I didn't have much confidence in this design but they sure proved me wrong!

Tomorrow is purple, which I have none of….. Looks like im going shopping for supplies.

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